Johannes Kalpers Freundeskreis

The Johannes Kalpers-Freundeskreis was founded in November 2002. Within this “Circle of friends“ people are joined together who appreciate Johannes Kalpers´s music, singing and personality.  Their goal is to support social and musical projects in agreement with Johannes Kalpers. Among these projects is the support of the wonderful work of the order  “Communio in Christo“, especially the hospice “Stella Maris“ in Mechernich/Eiffel, whose patronage Johannes Kalpers has taken on. For further information concerning the order “Communio in Christo“ click here. In addition, the Johannes Kalpers-Freundeskreis supports regional, social institutions and projects due to the fact that even in Germany there is a growing number of people who are in distress and need help.

After the sudden and unexpected death of our founding chairman, Mr. Helmut Hotz, his wife Gertrud was the chairperson of the “Freundeskreis“ till June, 2005. Till the end of 2008 the Johannes Kalpers-Freundeskreis was governed by Gerdi Ziegler and Kerstin Mayler.

From 2009 to 2011 the Johannes Kalpers Freundeskreis was temporarily governed by Mrs. Diana Mohr.

Since July 2011, Paul Seeger is the new chairman.

November 2011: Donations for the “Lebenshilfe Elztal/Kinzingtal“ are handed over. Report 11-24-2011 here (PDF file)

Further information concerning Paul Seeger here (PDF file)
Registration form “Freundeskreis“ here (PDF file)

Paul Seeger
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Phone: +49 7685/91190 or 913807 (evenings)
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